Industrial model for Haigh engineering

This model was made for Haigh, who’s client requested a model of their water treatment plant. We were given excellent CAD drawings from which to work from, although this is not a requirement for new job inquiries as we also provide a CAD service.

We decided to 3d print a lot of the accent pieces, even though this is a more expensive route to take, the benefits include absolute accuracy to the CAD, a much quicker production (this really was rapid prototyping!) and while the parts were printing the rest of the model could be constructed. Weighed up, this worked out to be the most cost effective way to produce the model for our customer.

The rest of the model was laser cut and constructed by hand. The model featured an acrylic inlay of the company’s logos, on the front right of the base board, this looks super smart and clean, something we offer to many of our customers instead of a vinyl sticker. Here you can see the finished model, sprayed and ready for delivery…

Industrial Model

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