Retail – Shop Display

Shop display for Daylesford, hanging wooden balloon props.
We create seasonal shop display props for our regular customers, one off installations and signage.
With a wide range of services including laser cutting and CNC timber machining we can create small or large props and structures to suit your space.
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Relevant services for retail and shop display

Eco wood gift cards for Daylesford Organic and Bamford. Laser cut plywood gift cards.

Laser cutting for retail and shop display could include stencil making, signage or decorative props for example. We laser cut timbers, acrylic, card and paper.

You may not know you need laser cutting for your project or design so we are here to help guide the whole making process to bring your ideas to life. Click the image to see more.

Retail signage, Up acrylic sign for their show room.

Create a bespoke stand out sign for your shop or showroom. We make signs for branding, safety and temporary, seasonal installations. We work with materials for external signage or indoor signage. We do not work in metal.

Do you want to keep your shop design fresh and current, we can work with your budget to help produce signage that can be updated while suggesting ways to keep it sustainable. Lots of our customers are keen to use recyclable or environmentally friendly options.

CNC machined acrylic panels for shop display.

We use CNC machining for large scale timber and acrylic cutting, up to 8′ x4′. We machine timber panels for joiners used for structures and to make props for display. We do not machine matal.

You may not know you need CNC machining for your project, we are here to guide and offer the best solution for your design.

Take a look at some of our previous work for examples of prop making.

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We make props for various clients, from film and tv adverts to photo shoots and corporate awards. Contact us today with your idea, or look in our gallery for more examples.

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