It’s 2018 and it appears we haven’t posted for quite sometime!

We have recently launched our new website, it is cleaner and easier to use than our last site. There have beem a few changes,. We have added CNC services as one of pur main services. This service we offer large 8′ x 4′ milling of timber, acrylic, foam and composite materials. We can cut flat sheets to size, cut pockets or holes. We can also machine in 3d, relief and v-carve.

CNC milling or CNC cutting, a commonly used term for a method of cutting sheet material, controlled digitally, using a cutting tool at extremely high speeds. This machines the material away using a round tool of varying diameter depending on the material. It allows us to cut much thicker and denser materials than our laser cutter with a cleaner edge.

We now offer a bureau service for 3d printing, so no in house printing. We use 3d printing in our day to day model making projects.

Here are a few projects that we have used CNC milling for in our day to day projects…

Nike logo: 3d machined swoosh, modelboard and acrylic.

Costa plinths: Machined plinths with recess and chamfered edges.

Foam inserts: Foam inserts for protecting products.