Engineering prototypes

When you are designing parts for engineering, prototyping is an important process to identify any issues with the construction before commissioning expensive tooling. We specialise in 3d CAD to create files suitable for high resolution 3d printing, which is fast becoming the most accurate method to make small precision engineering prototypes.

We use a variety of  3d printing technologies in our everyday projects and can be an important intermediary between you, tool makers and other 3d print companies. We can build your digital 3d prototype from 2d technical drawings or assess the compatibility of your CAD for the required technology.  After print we can integrate your 3d printed part into a more complex model or paint finish it to produce a visual prototype.

Below is an example of a prototype for the automotive industry. The aluminium part was our starting point, as no digital information existed we had to reverse engineer from this aluminium part to produce a 3d digital file.  Following this we modified the shape and some of the finer details to meet our clients specification.  The final prototypes were printed using Carbon SLS, an extremely strong, durable and heat resistant material. The prints were usable as a prototype and a final part.

Carbon SLS 3d print automotive

A second example of an engineering model that was 3d printed from clear ABS-like SLS. This clear ABS-like material is also very strong and durable and produces a very high resolution, quality prototype.

clear 3d printed prototype

3d printing is a fantastic method for producing precision models but as experienced model makers we are also equipped with a wide range of skills and can advise you if there are lower cost options for making your model. Do get in touch to discuss your project at any stage to see how we can help.