Bespoke bar

As part of creating a portable bar for Kate from Asparagasm, we used glowing resin to produce an interesting effect on the oak bar top.  We began by cleaning up the oak and belt sanding it smooth.  Once we had a nice clean and characterful piece of timber, we began enhancing the existing cracks in the timber and cutting new grooves into the surface.  When we were happy with the recesses and shapes in the top we mixed up some clear epoxy resin with glow in the dark powder. This was poured and painted into the grooves and we waited for the resin to cure.  After making a total mess of the top of our nice piece of oak we sanded the excess back to give a super smooth finish. During the day the grooves are a subtle light green, while at night they glow a vibrant neon green giving a spectacular and eerie effect.  Its such an easy method to turn a piece of cracked timber into a real talking point.  Get in touch if there’s anything we can help you with.