3d printed model for Glosfume

Gloucestershire based Glosfume approached us recently to make them a small industrial model of their filtration system, so they could take it to clients and shows to help explain their technology. This was the perfect job for utilising 3d printing for a large portion of the model.

The model required small high detail elements that fitted together precisely, this would have taken a variety of methods and quite some time to produce. As Glosfume had good CAD files already we used these and with some editing made them print-friendly. Preparing files for 3d printing and laser cutting is a service we offer on its own also. In the image below you can see the 3d printed parts…


While these parts were printing we used the time to make the other elements. The filters you can see below were turned on the lathe from chemi-wood, then mould, cast and painted up. They were then set into place with a laser cut internal structure.

The base is polished edged acrylic with smart laser engraved and paint infilled logo. We were asked to make a removable internal filter section that slotted out of the top, with the precision technology this works very well as you can see.


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