3D Jigsaw game

We were asked to produce a 3d jigsaw game by Camargue for Horizon Nuclear Power’s exhibition stand. The model was to be interactive with a count up timer and LED lighting and look like this visual…


The build issues were that it would need to be relatively light weight so children could use it but robust enough to withstand a some use. We used foam board to create solid and light weight boxes and clad them in 2mm MDF for a sturdy finish. It took some mind bending planning to get the very peculiar shaped boxes 10mm foam board and 2mm MDF into laserable ‘kits’ but then construction could begin. And a job would not be the same if we did not get out our sandpaper but Bex had the pleasure this time!


The boxes were clad finally in brand magenta vinyl and kiss cut white graphics produced by the ever helpful Squirty Ink and we could turn our attention to the electronics. The wiring caused a few problems initially but Greg is very chuffed with his three relay circuit but I won’t bore you with photo’s of that. The base was made from MDF sprayed in emulsion paint for easy touch ups and opal acrylic laid over the LED channel.

Take a look at our video below to see the jigsaw in action…

Interactive puzzle for Horizon Nuclear Energy