Cold cast coins

We think these coins look fantastic and using a model making trick they were relatively simple to produce.

Our client Lauren Moore designed a set of coins for her Uni course and came to us to help produce physical models of the coins by metal embossing them in two sizes, 80mm and 20mm. Not being able to offer this service we offered her two low cost alternatives: Firstly laser engraving from metal look acrylic, where in some cases this may have been a good solution the finish and feel of the coins would have been far too unrealistic, and secondly a cold cast metal prop.

So we took her designs, created a vector image and laser cut and engraved them from plain acrylic. From here we silicone moulded the coins and then cast with aluminum powder and polyester resin. After a good polish and a buffing wheel the coins were looking shiny and ready for Lauren’s show.

The bonus of this technique is the coins not only look the part but feel cold to the touch and have a good weight to them, making them very aesthetically pleasing.