Laser cut acrylic stamps

Case study: Whichford Pottery.

Whichford came to us to create a range of stamps that they could use to decorate their new range of Shakespeare anniversary garden pots. They had PDF’s of the text required and required them scaling to  various sizes.

We cut the text from 3mm acrylic and mounted them onto acrylic bases with specialist acrylic adhesive. Here is the text for Love’s Labour’s Lost ready to send out, all backwards of course!


The laser can cut to an accuracy of 0.1mm, it does however vaporise away that amount of material, so with this text being quite delicate in parts, we had to be careful of the size we could go down to. We did edit some of the text using CAD software, thickening up some of the lines which allowed us to produce the italic lettering at 9mm tall- although quite fiddly to construct then!

Then it was all down to the Whichford Potters to work their magic and here are some of the results. We think they look great, check out their website here…

Pottery stamps