Models for corporate gifts

A case study: National Refrigerants.

We were approached to produce 20 corporate gifts for National Refrigerants with the option for ordering more at a later date. Although many people may consider 3d printing the unit costs do not go down with batch orders, they do however with mould and casting.

We had some basic measurements and a few images of the iso-tank that they wanted to produce at a smaller scale. We took great care to produce a flawless master of the model iso-tank that we were to use for moulding.

Silicone rubber is used for moulding, it comes in varying viscosities and shore hardness, we have to consider the flexibility of the silicone once it has cured so the cast can easily be removed from the mould and the longevity of the mould. After a certain amount of casts the silicone will loose it oils and start to break away from the sides with the casts.

Once the moulding had taken place the models were cast in polyurethane resin and a weighting powder. The square ends of the model were made using laser cut acrylic, the models were assembled, sanded and painted.

We use Squirty Ink in Cheltenham for all our vinyl work, Brett produced some stickers for the model with our clients contact information on the side.

These great little models double up as paperweights and will sit their clients desks so their number is always to hand.