Cheltenham fashion week trophies

Last week we were commissioned to create two bespoke trophies for Cheltenham Fashion week’s student show. We made a time lapse, ‘making of’ video to show the progression of the project, so you can see some pretty boring mdf being transformed into something beautiful.

We were pleased to hear they were so well received, take a look…



The shoe started off as a 3d computer model, designed by our in house fasionista Greg! ;)  It was then cut up into 3mm contours which were used to cut 3mm mdf using our laser cutter. These contours were then laminated together to create a crude but accurate 3d shape, in the same way a 3d printer would build an object, layer by layer. The steps were then filled in with car body filler and sanded to shape. It was sprayed with a coat of paint to fill in the gaps between the rhine stones-2500 per shoe, put on by hand!!