Nike CR7 Logo

  • Nike swoosh logo
  • Large Nike swoosh logo
  • Carbon effect Nike swoosh logo
  • Polished acrylic Nike swoosh tail
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Project Description

We were commissioned to produce some 3D signage for display purpose in a sports retail store in London.  The brief was to produce a 3D prop logo based around the brand design for the launch of a new football boot inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo.  The CR7 range is split into 7 ‘chapters’ with our logo as part of chapter 5 – ‘Cut to Brilliance’.  The idea was to create the famous Nike Swoosh but use a combination of materials to represent raw carbon with faceted ‘diamond’ tip.  We began by drawing up the design in 3D CAD ready for fabrication.  Both elements were created using similar processes; a master was produced by machining the 3D shape with our CNC mill.  The carbon element was cut from foam and then manually sculpted to create the rough stoney edges.  This was then moulded and cast from resin to create a solid shape, which was spray painted and interlocked with the clear cast ‘diamond’ element.  We also embedded hanging points into the castings to assist the installation team.

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