Filter exhibition model


We were commissioned to produce a scale model of an industrial air filter for local filtration experts Glosfume.  The model was to help explain and market their products at trade shows and industrial expos. This industrial model was made from laser cut acrylics, styrene extrusions, and machined model board.  The components were made to scale [...]

Simpsons Skoda Model


We were commissioned to produce a 1:72 scale replica of Simpsons Skoda in Colne, Lancashire.  This particular scale was chosen as it allowed us to use preexisting die-cast model Skoda cars to bring an extra layer of detail to the piece.  The model itself was made from laser cut acrylic and hand cut styrene extrusions.  [...]

Industrial Model Refinery


We were commissioned by Blue Oil in Cheltenham to create an Industrial model of a refinery they were in the process of constructing in Chile. We were tasked with creating a replica of an existing model in South America but improving the longevity and overall aesthetic quality. The existing model was made from white card [...]

Matcon Industrial Model


We were commissioned by Matcon IBC to produce 2 more industrial models showing a typical factory floor layout.  The models were made from a combination of laser cut acrylic 'kits', carbon reinforced polyurethane castings, and styrene details.  Each model featured a clear acrylic display case and was packaged in a custom flight case ready for [...]

3D printed automotive parts


We were asked to produce 3D printed prototypes for the automotive industry from existing aluminium components.  As no digital information existed we had to reverse engineer the parts and produce both 3D CAD and 2D technical drawings of the parts.  We then set about modifying the shape and some of the fine details to our [...]