Project Description

We were approached with a bizarre brief (even by model making standards!): To produce a multi-layered maze within a 1m x 1m x 1m cube that can be easily disassembled and reassembled for transportation.  Each layer would need to have a different theme, offer a different type of course and use lots of varied materials and obstacles to make it visually appealing but also distracting for the participant. The maze would be navigated by a robot controlled by a player who can only see through a camera positioned at the robot’s point of view.

We decided on 3 layers: The base layer along the theme of a racetrack, with curbs, barriers, greenery and a chequered finish line.  The middle layer was a ‘technological’ layer with all manner of electrical components, PCB, and vibrant laser cut live-edge acrylic.  The top layer was along the theme of a circus ‘hall of mirrors’, using geometric shapes clad in acrylic mirror resulting in a very tough final section for the player.  All the layers were separated by a mechanical lift to transport the robot from one section to another.

An interesting project with a brief that somehow managed to be both completely open and extremely specific!

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