Project Description

We were commissioned by Blue Oil in Cheltenham to create an Industrial model of a refinery they were in the process of constructing in Chile. We were tasked with creating a replica of an existing model in South America but improving the longevity and overall aesthetic quality. The existing model was made from white card and styrene rod, so we decided to replace the card elements with modelboard and acrylic to give a sharper, more robust finish as well as a reflective glossy appearance. The bulk of the frame work was laser cut acrylic kits that fitted into the base with a mechanical joint as well as adhesive, for additional strength. We also used photo etched brass on the finer detailed railings and walkways across the model to give an interesting level of intricate details.

The model was supplied with a clear acrylic display case and a branded plinth for showcasing the model at trade events and for clients at their offices.