Model Making Services

Using traditional model making skills combined with cutting edge technology we are able to take on projects from a wide range of interesting clients.  Some of our clients include product designers, architects, sports event organisers, small boutique companies, interior designers and set and window display artists. We work with local and UK wide companies as we can offer very competitive prices for your model making requirements.

Model making is a diverse industry incorporating architectural model making, exhibition models, prop making, moulding and casting, laser cutting, 3d printing graphics, spray painting, composites and more. We utilise a huge range of model making and other skills to turn your ideas and concepts into reality.
For many of our customers, commissioning a model is a new experience so do contact us even if you are at the beginning of your design process for advice and find out what is possible to achieve for your project.

We are here to find a physical creative solution to your model making or build requirements and will look at all projects, we love a challenge!

Architectural model making, 1:200 scale development project.
Industrial model making, laser cut and 3d printing filter unit.
Prop makers make scale model bridge for London Bridge competition.
If you’re unsure about what type of model would be best for you, get in touch to find the best way we can help with your project.