Signage and display

3d card stars for Bamford


Bamford asked us to design and create 3d card stars for their Christmas shop display install. We used their branded paper graphics to print on card, this had to be strong enoiugh to hold it's shape but not so heavy they collapse or tear at the folds. They made a striking addition to their Christmas [...]

Know your boot shop display


Mould and cast football boot props used in Sports Direct retail shops. The boots were moulded from real boots and cast in resin and painted brand colours. We CNC machined acrylic panels laminated with vinyl graphics to match. These shop displays show the customer the difference between studded boots suitable for different ground. See more [...]

Sky Glass fabric swatches


We take on projects large and small, and this manufacturing job for Sky Glass Sky stores was one of the larger! We hand made over 12,000 fabric swatches for shop display during their roll out of Sky Glass over Europe. The job took many hands, hours and lots of  laser cutting. Some of the swatches [...]

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