Project Description

Neptune Steps is an annual open water swimming event organised by Red Bull.  We were tasked with producing 3 awards for the junior competitors.  The brief was to create a bold set of awards that fitted with their event branding and incorporated the trident theme used in their trophies for the main event.


The custom awards were made from laser cut acrylic with a marble effect resin wreath and chunky chain with leather sleeve.  The marble effect was hand sculpted in clay.  A silicone mould was taken of the sculpt and 3 identical castings taken.  The castings were a polyurethane resin with various grades of marble powder added as well as a pigmented resin swirled during casting to create veining.

The final pieces were striking, over sized medallions with a nautical theme.  They certainly fit in with the highly stylised and eye-catching trophies of other Red bull events.

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