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  • Interior design model
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Project Description

We were asked to produce a pair of interior design models to showcase elements of a prospective design scheme for Sims Hilditch interior designers.  The models were to represent two areas of a pub; a section of the bar area, and a private dining room.  The idea was to represent the layout, architectural features, design elements and surface finishes to their client as well as displaying samples of the real materials on the display shelf above.


The model scenes were made at a scale of 1:12 and housed within a veneered timber box with brass inlaid logos, and internal LED lighting.  The majority of the elements were made from laser cut acrylic, basswood and photo-etched brass.  All the pieces were hand painted to accurately show surface finish and colour at scale.

The finished models were really eye catching and offered a great reference for the real samples on the display shelf.  They also helped the client understand the proposed design in a more true to life setting.  Drawings just don’t cut it sometimes!


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