Exhibition Models

Exhibition models are a fantastic way to attract customers and expain your products at a trade show or meeting. Whether you are showing the layout of a factory floor or the detail and function of a single component. Exhibition models are a great method of showcasing your product to a client in a clear, simple and compelling way.  As experienced model makers we can display your key design features. We use a range of materials, styles, scales and technologies.

Industrial Layout Model

A model factory floor for use at trade-shows, shows the possible layout and machinery available for sale. Clear walls allow for unobstructed visibility from all directions.

Models were delivered in a custom flight case for transport around the world.

Your Factory

Sometimes what you are selling is just too large to take to exhibitions or meetings. Having an exhibition model is an ideal way for potential clients to understand and interact with your USP. We have made scale exhibition models for factories especially that show the work flow and productivity of a company. Each element of the workspace represented with bespoke models sprayed to your specifications.

Industrial Installation Model

Model used for displaying the aesthetics and components of a typical water treatment facility to potential customers.

Static scale model with clear acrylic display case.

Your product

Models of your product can be made in all shapes and sizes. We can make a large eye catching piece for diplay, or a small scale model to show your product in a manageable form.

We use a range of machinery to produce your exhibition models. Laser cutting can achieve 0.1mm precision in cutting out acrylics and timber. Fine details can be picked up with engraving to give the models texture. 3d printing is fantastic for accent pieces and organic forms which can be integrated into your models. We incorporate these with traditional techniques for hand made elements and fine details.

Industrial Component Model

This scale model was used for showing the inner working and parts of an Industrial Filter unit at trade-shows and meetings.

The model also has removable components to show interior components.


Interactive exhibition models can be used to engage with your potential customers. Each interactive model we have made for exhibition have been very different. Ranging form 1.5m 3d jigsaws, wheel of fortunes and table top puzzles.

If you have had an idea please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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We are a Gloucestershire based model makers but we do work with clients around the country and internationally. If you’re looking to stand out at a trade show, help sell your ideas to clients, or have a great talking piece in your reception or board room, do contact us to discuss your project.
To begin building an Industrial model and quote accurately we need some key information:

– An idea of scale, whether a set scale or just an overall size of the model.
– Some visuals showing the complexity and details of the proposed model.
– CAD data showing the components of the model. (We are happy to sign NDA’s for sensitive designs)
– Relevant images showing components materials/surface finish or RAL codes for painted elements.

Get in touch to discuss your project even if you don’t have all the information available currently.

If you’re unsure about the style of model that can showcase your idea, then get in contact with us to chat about your unique project requirements.