3D Printing

Product prototype using 3D Printing, used as a presentation model.

What we can do for you

Our 3d printing service can see your designs through from:

Consultation from an expert in the field – CAD design – CAD file fixing –3d printing – Moulding- Casting- Spray finishing – Integration into a more complex model.

We provide a bureau service for 3d printing. Unlike other 3D printing companies we are equipped with full digital and model making skills. With first hand experience in the applications of 3D printing, we use 3d printed parts in our day to day work.


3D Printed parts with support material, other wise known as rapid prototyping.
Product prototype model using using 3d printing, otherwise known as rapid prototyping.
Engineering model using using 3d printing otherwise known as rapid prototyping.
Every product is different and would be best made with the appropriate material and technology. Contact us today and we can advise the best way forward with your project.