3d printed product prototype


Product prototype using 3d printing. Starting from 2d concept drawings we created a 3d digital prototype, designing product features and details allowing it to accept an existing PCB and clip together. The parts were then 3d printed to a very high resolution and engineering tollerances for testing. The prototype went through a few design stages [...]

3D printed automotive parts


We were asked to produce 3D printed prototypes for the automotive industry from existing aluminium components.  As no digital information existed we had to reverse engineer the parts and produce both 3D CAD and 2D technical drawings of the parts.  We then set about modifying the shape and some of the fine details to our [...]

Olympus Keymed prototype model


Articulating, scaled up model of a surgical instrument for Olympus Keymed at scale 5:1. The prototype models are taken to trade shows and used in sales to demonstrate how the keyhole surgical instrument articulates and functions. We reverse engineered the instrument breaking it down into a kit, made up from 3d printed parts and standard [...]