Hello and thank you for wanting to find out more about us!

Our services:

We offer model making and laser cutting services, specialising in precision engineering models, industrial and architectural models.  We thrive on finding creative solutions to your design build. We can take your project through from 2d drawings to a finished working prototype. Our competitive prices make our laser services accessible for every project size.

Our professional history:

Greg: Following a scientific and computer based school education I began my artistic life as a 3d computer animator working freelance for advertisement companies. But knowing that life in front of the computer was not enough for me I sought out a Model Making degree at Bournemouth Arts Institute to help me bring my creations to life. After graduating I worked as an in house architectural model maker and freelance prop maker in London.

Amy: My eduction was fine art and sculpture based. I put my creative interests to use on an apprenticeship in a modern and busy Florist. After four years I set up a wedding floristry company on the South coast where we stayed for a few years. While totally unrelated achieved a 2:1 from the Open University for GeoSciences (I just love volcanoes!). Greg and I talked about setting up a business together even as early as during his degree and the more of his projects I saw the more it inspired me to get involved in this diverse and creative industry.

Colonel: I joined the company in 2012 and unsuccessfully try to scare away customers when they enter the workshop! I look forward to your visit…woof!

Wanting to settle back in our beautiful home County of Gloucestershire we brought our experience and knowledge together to found our exciting company in July 2011. We now work for companies and individuals all round the UK, providing bespoke models and design work for a huge range of industries.