Laser cut stencils

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What we can do for you

We can create laser cut, custom stencils for any purpose at a great price.  We cut your designs from mylar, a durable polyester film. Mylar is used as it has a high tensile strength therefore it can be washed and re-used. Our laser cutting service can offer a quick turn around for even the more complex designs.

We can cut bespoke one off’s or orders into the 1000’s.

Available in micron; 125, 190, 250, 350, 500. Our standard thickness is 190 micron.

Getting a good result

For the best results use a stippling brush or roller to produce your stencil. An air brush or paint can can be used but you risk underspray. Sometimes spraying is the most convenient for a large area and you can touch up the underspray by hand after.

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Bespoke DIY furnature
Be creative! Use stencils for up-cycling and decorating anything you like. Have fun! Let us know how we can help you.