Laser Engraving

Laser engraving, or laser etching is a great way to add fine detail, text and images to a range of different materials; including acrylic, card, leather, metal and stone.   Scroll down for more information or contact us with you requirements.

Laser engraving or laser etching on acrylic, bespoke portfolio case for graphic designers.

Acrylic engraving

Perfect for modern and crisp engraved signs, trophies, architectural models and more. With such a range of acrylics the applications are endless, metal look, glass look, fluorescent, frosted…

Laser engraving card and paper for bespoke tags and laser engraved business cards.

Card engraving

Card and paper are a great medium for laser engraving text, logos and even photos.  We laser engrave business cards, bespoke wedding invites, gift tags and much more.  The possibilities are endless, contact us with your idea, or read more about laser engraving card and paper.

Sign making with laser engraved timber.

Wood engraving

Intricate detail wood engraving for architectural models, decorative products, branding and more. Achieve detail, precision and colour not possible with traditional wood engraving techniques.

Laser engraved anodised aluminium ipad, we can also laser engrave iPods and mac books.

iPad engraving

Tattoo your electronic devices, iPads and iPods. Smart and professional corporate logos and tattoos for gifts. Coated metals for example anodised aluminium do not need marking compounds making them perfect for engraving. See more on engraving electronic devices here…

Laser engraved metal, stainless steel, ipod with a black marking compound.

Metal engraving

We can mark many types of metals. All anodized aluminum/metals can be marked directly otherwise a laser marking compound needs to be applied to produce permanent black marks.

laser engraved stone slate wedding tags.

Stone engraving

With laser etching, different stone produces different effects and at different depths, the smoother the stone the best results that can be achieved. Slate, marble, limestone all produce stunning results.

Laser engravied leather, peronalised, bespoke gifts

Leather engraving

With the world’s best CO2 laser engraving technology we are able to add precious engraving to many fabrics.  The most popular material is leather. Leather engraving offers a great way to personalise products for gifts or corporate branding.

We offer free advice on getting your artwork together, we are happy to check your files and suggest the most economical way to produce your design or send us your artwork…
Our laser engraving software works from both vectors and bitmaps, preferably .ai for vector and .jpeg for bitmap. To prepare your files for engraving:

  • your document size needs to be a maximum 730mm x 430mm.
  • Cut lines- red and 0.01mm thick.
  • Engrave lines- blue and 0.01mm thick.
  • Raster engraves- black fill.

And don’t forget to check there are no duplicated lines!!

We can help you with your CAD work. For complicated designs or working from scratch we may charge an hourly rate of £30 to transform your ideas and designs into working files. See more on our CAD services here
There are no set prices for engraving just guidelines, as every job is different and every material engraves at a different speed. To get an accurate quote we would need to see your artwork and decide on a material choice. Our laser engraving services also includes laser cutting, see more here
This is only a selection of possible materials, we’re always looking for new materials to fire our laser at… Why not contact us to help with your unique project?