CAD graphic design

What we can do for you

These days digital and traditional model making go hand in hand. CAD drawing drives the vast majority of our projects and allows us to produce highly accurate models.  This can happen in a fraction of the time traditional techniques would demand.

We have specialist in house knowledge of manufacturing techniques and material tolerances. This allows us to produce CAD drawings that can be seamlessly transformed into 3D physical models.

CAD services that we offer:

  • Fixing problematic files in 2D and 3D.
  • Planning 2D technical drawings from scratch.
  • Preparing files ready for digital manufacture.
    Our CAD design services are offered alongside the development of your product.  We can transform your designs into machinable parts for 3D printing and CNC milling.
  • Affordable CAD drafting services- For small scale outsourcing.
CAD engineering drawings
CAD engineering drawings
CAD engineering drawings
Whether you have CAD data that needs updating or creating for scratch, or you have a 3D part and need it digitised, get in touch and we can advise the best way forward.